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Determine Your Skin Tone

Through her research, Lauren learned skin tone is a major issue in choosing the right makeup. Most products are pink based, when the majority of people have yellow undertones.

Lauren's line addresses the four known skin tone groups - and she offer a choice of pink, yellow, olive and brown.

The pictures below were taken at Lauren's office and the women only used Lauren Hutton makeup. They are all unretouched. Isn't it amazing what the right makeup can do?

To help determine your skin tone:

Light (Pink) - If you are very fair, burn before you tan, and your skin has pink or porcelain under tones you should choose pink.

Medium/Dark (Olive) - If you are Mediterranean, Latino, a Fair-skinned African American, or dark mixed-race, then you should choose Olive.

Medium (Yellow) - If you are Caucasian and have beige or yellow undertones you should choose Yellow. Asian or Light Mixed Race also fall into Yellow. Most Caucasian women fall into Yellow so if you are unsure select Yellow, like Lauren.

Dark (Brown) - If you are African American, deep complexioned Indian or any other dark skin color then you should choose Brown.